Recent research projects have centered around the following topics: 

Informing, designing and evaluating tools to support distributed workplace communication and collaboration

Project topics include:  video-based remote collaboration, enterprise communication platform use, and activity progress tracking/reporting using the following methodological approach:

  • Formative:  Interview and survey research with knowledge workers working in distributed team settings
  • Evaluation: Laboratory and online user studies, experimental testing of prototype systems

Designing public display systems for tourist support

  • Followed a user-centered process to help design and develop a public display-based system for foreign tourists in Japan
  • Explored and tested additional ways of providing personalized recommendations to users in a cold-start, offline scenario


Previous projects

Impression formation in peer production

My thesis work focused on the impact of instrumenting online work environments with social media functionalities that enhance social transparency.  I used a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how providing information about others' expertise and personal traits influenced collaborative outcomes such as receptivity to unknown contributions and desire for future interaction. 

Interventions to support distributed teams

•Enabling asynchronous meetings through lightweight video recordings (internship at Microsoft Research)

•Understanding the effect of mediated representations of locations on perceived social and psychological distance

Designing for multilingual access to art and cultural heritage material

•Masters thesis focused on designing a localization strategy for access to Tate Online material in languages besides English

•Work on multimedia, multilingual search engine for cultural heritage content (European Union FP6 Project MultiMATCH)